Phase 1 Study Documents

The COPDGene® Study believes that advancements in research come from the sharing of scientific information at every level of the process. To maintain this level of transparency we have included a complete list of downloadable study documents that COPDGene® actively uses in our research. These documents range from health questionnaires to tracking forms used for biological samples.

To view or download one of the study documents, simply click on the link.


Study Protocol and Administrative Documents

COPDGene Executive Summary

COPDGene Study Protocol

COPDGene Manual of Procedures


Subject Consent and Data Collection Forms

COPDGene Informed Consent Template

COPDGene Informed Consent and Permissions Granted Form

COPDGene Eligibility Questionnaire

COPDGene Medical History Questionnaire

COPDGene Medication History Questionnaire

COPDGene Respiratory Disease Questionnaire

COPDGene St. Georges Respiratory Questionnaire

COPDGene Safety Assessment Form

COPDGene Spirometry Form

COPDGene 6 Minute Walk Test


Imaging Protocols and Forms

COPDGene CT Imaging Introduction

COPDGene Site Survey Form

COPDGene CT Protocol

COPDGene Lung Phantom Protocol and Manual of Procedures

COPDGene CT Acquisition Form

COPDGene CT Assessment Instructions


Biorepository Manual and Forms

Blood Shipment Procedure

COPD Blood Specimen Transmittal Form

COPDGene Core Laboratory Processing Manual


Other Forms

COPDGene Adverse Event Form

COPDGene Serious Adverse Event Form

COPDGene Discontinuation Form


Genetics Documents

GWAS Quality Control Methodology