Phase 2 Study Documents


The COPDGene® Study believes that advancements in research come from the sharing of scientific information at every level of the process. To maintain this level of transparency we have included a complete list of downloadable study documents that COPDGene® actively uses in our research. These documents range from health questionnaires to tracking forms used for biological samples.

To view or download one of the PHASE 2 study documents, simply click on the link.


Study Protocol and Administrative Documents

COPDGene Executive Summary

COPDGene Phase 2 Central Study Protocol

COPDGene Phase 2 Manual of Procedures Version 7.4, December 3, 2014

COPDGene Phase 2 Ancillary Studies Policy


Subject Consent and Data Collection Forms

COPDGene Informed Consent Template

COPDGene Informed Consent and Permissions Granted Form

COPDGene Visit 2 Screener Form

COPDGene Visit 2 Safety Assessment Form

COPDGene Visit 2 Medical History Form

COPDGene Visit 2 Medication History Questionnaire

COPDGene Visit 2 Respiratory Disease Questionnaire

COPDGene St. George's Respiratory Questionnaire


COPDGene Residential & Occupational History Form

COPDGene SF-36 Form

COPDGene Spirometry Form

COPDGene 6-Minute Walk Test Form

COPDGene COPD Assessment Test (CAT)

COPDGene Demographics and Physical Characteristics Form

COPDGene eCigarette Use Form

COPDGene Socio-economic Questionnaire

COPDGene Women-only Questionnaire


New Nonsmoker-Specific Forms

Nonsmoker Eligibility Form

Nonsmoker Respiratory Disease Questionnaire

Nonsmoker Socio-economic Questionnaire

Nonsmoker Medical History Form

Nonsmoker Residential & Occupational History Form


Post-Visit Forms

Limited Follow-up Questionnaire




Imaging Protocols and Forms


Biorepository Manual and Forms


Other Forms